How to Claim a Pet

To claim a pet, you will need to find the mob or animal you want in the world and kill it with a lead in your hand. If you do not have a lead in your hand when you kill the mob it will die instead of becoming your pet.

Players can have different amounts of pets based on the rank they have in game. The starting rank will allow you to have 4 pets in storage. To claim a new pet, you will need to store you pet you currently have out by doing /petswitch store. After you have stored your pet you can then start to convert your next mob into your pet. After you have completed the capture of your mob and are ready to interact or change your pet you will need to do /petswtich.

You can name your pets

You can name each pet you have, to do this you must first have the pet out you want to name. After you have your pet out you can do /petname <name>

Pet Skill Overview

Pets can be assigned to a skilltree with /pcst, which allows it to level up and unlock new skills. Pets will earn XP when fighting mobs or near a mob grinder with you, the XP is used to level the pet up to unlock the skills in each skill tree.

  • Utility – The utility skill specializes in mining skills giving perks like Hast II beacons and Expanded inventory.
  • PVP – The PVP utility skill gives your pet skills to fight for you or along side you, giving things like strength and poison and fire.
  • Ride – The Ride utility skill gives your pet to option to become a mount allowing you to ride you pet, while also giving it the ability to do ranged attacks.
  • Farm – The Farming utility gives your pet access to a backpack to hold extra items in a second inventory, your pet will also have the ability to pick items and place them in its inventory.

Pet Hunger

You must feed your pet to keep its health up or it will die from hunger just like a player! If your pet is hungry it will also be weaker and will deal less damage when attacking.

Each pet has a special food that it must be fed. You can see which food is right for your pet by doing /petinfo.

MyPet Commands

  • /petcall – Make your pet come to you.
  • /petrelease <name>- ​​Release your pet back into the wild.
  • /petinfo – View your pets’ information.
  • /pcst – Choose a skilltree for your pet.
  • /petskill – Check your pet’s skills and strengths
  • /petname <name>- Change the name of your pet.
  • /petinventory – Open your pet’s inventory.
  • /petpickup – Toggle whether your pet will pick up items or not.
  • /petbeacon – Turn your pet into a walking beacon.
  • /petswitch – Allows you to switch between your pets.
  • /petstore – Store your current pet.