Paintball is a fast paste teams game> upon joining the area you have the choice of 5 different type of guns. The object is to get the most kills with your team in the 3 min game. Most kills wins.

Hunger games
We offer some great mini games including Hunger Games in our mini game arena. Bring your friends and lets have some fun. Hungers games is just like it sounds based off the movie spawn into the arena and search for chest with gear and loot and fight for your life, last man standing wins the game.

Each game has a minimum of 2 players and a max of 10. The chest will all ways offer new gear each game to keep it different and challenging. The winner of each game is rewarded with a prize, we have leaders boards to show the best of the best make your way to the top. Happy hunting’s

Hide & Seek

Hide & seek is a fun game to play with friends, as with any hide and seek game 1 person is the seeker and the rest hide. With this game the hiders spawn in as random blocks and will need to blend in with the arena. If you are found and killed by the seeker you turn into a seeker yourself. Games last 5 min, you can unlock coins by winning the game or taunting the seekers with fireworks. The coins offer ways to buy perks or new blocks for hiding in the area.