SiegeWarsMC has a great economy system. We offer a shop chest system that has a complete tracking system for each chest shop you create. This is a great way to make money.

One of the fastest ways to make money here, is by selling the ores you mine back to the server bank located at spawn. You can go mining in any of our worlds and take your findings back to the spawn bank and sell them for cash.

Shop Chest System

Shop Chest is a great system for creating player run shops.

With this system you can create sell and buy shops all in one.

To create a shop you need to run the following commands while holding the item you want to sell.
/shop create (amount) (buy price) (sell price) ex. (/shop create 32 20 10)
The first number is the amount of the item you want to sell ex. 32 stone.
The second number is the buy price ex. 20.
The third number is the sell price ex. 10.

After typing out the command while holding the item you want to sell you will then right click on the chest to complete the shop.

So that command would have a shop selling 32 Stone, at a buy price of $20 and a sell price of $10

If you want to only open a buy shop then you would leave the sell price at 0. The same goes for if you only wanted a sell shop, you would leave the buy price at 0