Creating a claim

You can create claims with a golden shovel. After the claim is created you can also change the claim size and position.

  • Creating a new claim: Right click at opposite corners to start the claim
  • Resizing a claim: Right click once in an existing claim to see the markers. Right click on a corner block and then again on a different position to move that corner.
  • Cancelling a claim: Putting away a golden shovel without completing a claim cancels all actions

The shovel can also be used to subdivide a basic. To switch to that mode, use /claimsubdivide.

Wooden stick

A basic tool you can use to indicate the position of claims and also identify who the owner of the claims is.

  • Right clicking shows existing claim locations
  • Shift right clicking searches for all claims in a 20-block radius and shows their location
  • Left clicking hides the markers

Claim commands

  • /claim – This will drop a 20×20 claim at the spot you are standing in.
  • /claimslist – this will show you all your claims along with the X/Y/Z location of them and how many claims blocks you have available to use
  • /buyclaimblocks – This command will allow you to buy more claim blocks. All players start with 500 and will gain 80 for every hour played.

Creating Homes

Each player will start with 4 set homes and it will increase as you rank up. This is the list of the commands that you can use to set a home and TP to your homes.

  • /sethome <homename> This will create a home at the block you are standing in
  • /delhome <name> will remove the sethome
  • /home <name> will take you to the home you have selected from any world.