We have many great features, we will highlight some of them here. 

Cannons – You can build cannons to protect your base from incoming siegers.

MyPets – Do you like to have pets, do you want them on mine craft? Well now you can! Go out into the wild and find what you are looking for and make them your furry friend! Level them up to unlock skill tree’s that add some great ability’s

Custom Shops – With this plugin you can create shop chest with full tracking and inventory on sales. Join some of the large player shopping districts and open a shop.

Custom Bows – Do you like to PVP? Do you like bows? Then you will love this! We have created 20 bows you can unlock by ranking up. You can have anything from a lightning bow that strikes players with lightning to a gravity bow they will pull whatever is hit to you. There is a lot more. Rank up the see all the bows!

Ranks – We offer a full working rank system. Every rank offers new and exciting things to our players!

Claims – We offer a claiming system. Make sure to protect your land and the items within. Remember to be careful who you trust.

Battle Arena – We have a plugin that offers a full arena. In this arena you can select mini games for other players to join. Some of the mini games we offer are – Paintball, Free for all,Battlegrounds and a few more. All games come with custom gear so you do not lose what you have on.

Vote crate – we offer custom gear and tools. They are available to win in the daily and weekly vote chest. The gear is rotated out every 30 days to keep the items rare and high in value. Make sure to vote so you can win your favorites before they are gone!

Bounties – Is someone irritating you? Are you to lazy to hunt that person down? The perfect solution is to place a bounty on that player and sit back and watch them be hunted. ;p Happy hunting!

MCMMO for that extra fun game play

Auction house- Post unwanted items in the auction house. Watch people bid on them and earn lots of money!