Chat Rules

We are a mature server. We do allow sensitive topics within reason. If the chat becomes offensive or upsetting to other players we ask that the subject be changed. Please keep in mind that although we are running a mature server that children are still able to join. 🙂

Play Fair

You will end up dying at some point. We are all here to have fun. Please do not get upset if you lose your items.

  • Do not Verbally harass players
  • Do not scam or cheat players during trades or economy transactions
  • Do not kill a player back to back, give them time to repair and get things in order
  • Do not Teleport trap or kill players.
  • Feel free to cuss if that is your preference. We ask that racism is not included in your vocabulary though.
  • Do not steal from players everyone works hard for the items they have.
  • Make sure you claim your land, unclaimed land or builds are fair game for players to take.

Hacks and Mods Policy

Any hack or mod that gives you an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed. You cannot use Forge or any launcher used to use mods or hacks.

We allow the following modifications

  • Mods that improve client performance: Optifine
  • The Schematics mod: Auto build is not allowed
  • Macros for certain actions
  • Do not Grief land or place offensive builds

Game Play Rules

  • Follow the 50/100 claiming rule: you may claim up to 50 blocks beyond the furthest point of your build, and you must claim at least 100 blocks away from other players
  • Mob grinders cannot be within 32 blocks of each other.
  • AFK Grinding: Bypassing the automatic AFK system is prohibited.
  • Keep auto farms to a reasonable limit
  • Do not exploit server offerings or glitches for personal gain, Do not abuse systems offered to players
  • No above roof farms in the Nether

Do not impersonate our staff

Do not impersonate our staff or tell players you are staff. It is OK to tell players the rules if they do not know, as long as another staff member has not addressed the issue. Do not try and force players to follow the rules. That is what the staff is here to do. Do not MiniMod. We do not need players getting involved in staff issues.