Welcome to SteamCraftMC, a one of a kind Survival server offering many exciting plugins for all types of players. We offer many worlds to play in giving you options and many locations to build and play with friends, we also have a Creative Plot world to test your building ideas. All worlds are custom generated using software to create new custom bioms and worlds.  We offer MCMMO for a great game play experience, along with MoveCraft for creating Airships and Boats to fly and sail around worlds to explore. We also offer alot more exciting plugins to make the game play fun. Questing run story line quest to explore the lands and have a RPG style mine craft experience.  check out our MiniGames world to play some fun games with your friends.

SteamCraftMC is a mature server. 
You can join the server here:  MC.STEAMCRAFTMC.COM


MyPets is a plugin that allows you to go out into the wild and catch your own pets. Level your pets up to unlock skills for everyday use.

We offer a great economy system with working chest shops. Along with tracking for sales and inventory. Come to one of our shop cities and open a shop today

Land claiming is important to have. We have a great claiming system to help protect your land and items from theft and griefing. Trust the players you want on your land and protect it from the players who come to raid.

Quest, We offer NPC based questing. With Quest you can explore and run quest to unlock custom hear and XP to level up. Run story line quest thought the world. We also offer Minigames.

MCMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft. This is a great way to increase your game play while increasing your skill level. When you increase your levels you gain access to perks.

We offer an Auction House for selling all your items. Increase your profits while getting great items out into the server for other players!

MoveCraft, Create your own working airships and boats and fly the sky’s and sail the oceans travel the vast lands and explore the worlds.

We offer a creative plot world, test your builds or create great things while in creative.